Test Form Issues

Please use web browsers ONLY TO DOWNLOAD PDF test application form and then open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.  After saving locally, make sure you are using Adobe application to open file.

Getting Adobe Reader:  Click on icon below to download free Adobe Reader.  WATCH for optional offers and clear optional offers unless you are sure you want this additional software.Get_Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_DC_web_button_158x39.fw

Internet browsers are constantly changing along with their support for PDFs and JavaScript. Opening in your internet browser (Micosoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) may not work or worse, only appear to work.

Web browser compatibility tests last run on 9/12/2016:

Internet BowserWindowsMac OS X
ChromeSuccessSuccess* - Download click will open in Chrome- Open in Finder and then launch
Internet Explorer 11SuccessNA
SafariNAFAIL, appears to work but does not calculate fees or check fields. Download and use Adobe Reader
Microsoft EdgeFAIL - Must download PDF and use Adobe ReaderNA
Firefox 46.0.1FAIL - Must download PDF and use Adobe ReaderFAIL - Must download PDF and use Adobe Reader

Other Issues:

Rare case of failure while using Adobe Reader – check that under Edit->Preferences; category of “JavaScript” that “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” is checked.

Getting More Help:

Technical issues with website or PDF form, please contact Webmaster@SanDiegoFSC.org and send file, OS version, internet browser version, Adobe version and issue you are having.

SDFSC Test Process issues, please contact the test chair at Testing@SanDiegoFSC.org.