Test Form and Instructions


You are required to DOWNLOAD the Test Application form and use a current version of ADOBE READER or Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF file. Complete the form electronically being careful to enter valid Test Date and all required fields. Incomplete and hand written forms will not be accepted. Completed applications with required signatures and payment must be RECEIVED by the Test Chair by the test session APPLICATION DEADLINE. Process hints are listed below and technical hints are posted on Test Issues page.

SDFSC Test Application Form
SDFSC Test Application InstructionsTest-Application-20160901-Instructions
SDFSC Test Credit Application
USFSA Testing pageTest Information page
USFSA Rulebook pageRulebook page
Planned Test DatesLocationApplication Deadline
09/09/2019 - MONSDIA08/19/2019
10/14/2019 - MONSDIA09/23/2019
11/11/2019 - MONSDIA10/21/2019
Additional instructions from the SDFSC Test Chair for successfully submitting Test Applications:
  • Once test application form is completed, take to your coach to sign it and don’t forget to sign it yourself.  Parent must sign if applicant under 18.  If not signed, I have to contact you by email for your permission to test your skater. Same thing with the coaches signature. You may find yourself at the bottom of the list by the time we get your forms taken care of … we don’t want that.
  • Print the form in the Landscape mode only.
  • Make sure your check is filled in completely and the correct date is on the check.
  • The check amount should be for “Total Fees” including the Admin fee.
  • Please do not staple your check to the test form.
  • You can mail the test or bring it by my home whichever is easier for you. The Test Chair address, email, and phone is in middle of first page of test application form.
    • Do not give the test to an officer of the club.
    • Do not mail it to the club’s post office box.
  • I will send a test application receipt message three weeks before the test. Please do not write and ask if I received it before that time.
  • Please do not send me an email asking me when your skater is scheduled. Once I am finished with the final schedule I will send you and email one week before the test notifying you when your skater will warm up.
  • If for some reason you have a special request please don’t hesitate to send me a note along with the test application. I will work hard to accommodate your request, however, I must take all skaters into account when finalizing the test.
  • I will only add a skater to a test if there is room. Once the deadline is met, I rarely accept additions. Once I buy the ice for your skater that test is set.
  • Warm up times are there for your skater to warm up.
  • We often run early and if you miss a warm up time because the test ran early this will be your responsibility.
  • I deposit the test checks two weeks before the test. I purchase the ice at the same time. Once this is accomplished there will be no refunds under any circumstances.
To help you understand how the test evolution occurs:
  • Test dates are sent to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Test dates are posted on the website and in the display case.
  • Test applications are received through the deadline date.
  • On the deadline date judges are begun to be sought.
  • Two weeks before the test, checks are deposited and ice time purchased.
  • A proposed test schedule is sent to the coaches to check for errors in names and tests.
  • A week before the test the final schedule is sent to the skater.
  • The test will run promptly (potentially early) as scheduled.
  • The day after the test the scores are entered and test results forwarded.