Test registration approval needed

When a skater completes a test session registration form and submits payment, an email is sent to coach(es) to approve or return feedback. Registration is NOT complete until coach(es) respond.

Dear <coach>

<Skater> has registered for a test session being held by San Diego Figure Skating Club. You have been named by <skater> as “[Free Skate / Moves Coach][Dance Coach][Pairs] Coach”.

The name of the test session is:

Test Session – <rink> – <date>

<Skater> has registered for the following tests:

Solo Pattern Dance, Preliminary (Canasta Tango)
Solo Pattern Dance, Pre-Bronze (Fiesta Tango)

Your approval is needed (or your feedback if there is a problem with this registration). Please click the following link to continue:

Click here for approval/feedback page

sample email generated by Entryeeze

The link in email will open webpage that repeats same information and then has GREEN button to approve or box for FEEDBACK that will be returned to the Test Chair for processing.