Online Test Registration – Coach Information

Using EntryEeze for Test Registration requires coaches to do two things:
– Create/update “EntryEeze Global” account
– Respond within 72 hours to “Test registration approval needed” emails

The “EntryEeze Global” account allows the skaters to select their coach by name when registering and all the coaches contact information will be accurate since it is maintained by the coach themselves using the global account.

The “Test registration approval needed” email is generated by the skater submitting payment with a test registration. The coach must review the tests selected by the skater by following the link in the email, confirm they are correct by pressing the green “This registration is correct. I approve.” button. If not correct the coach states the reason why it is not correct and/or specify the correct test and then press the red “Send feedback.” button. The coach needs to respond within 72 hours to complete the registration process.