Test Registration System

The San Diego FSC now uses Entryeeze to register for Test Sessions and applying for Competition Test Credit information. This online system will collect necessary information, payment, and approvals for each test taken. If membership renewal is open, then you must renew club membership first. If membership is not in “Good Standing” then test sessions will be blocked.

WARNING: There are many steps which cannot be changed after submitting. For example, to change test selection you will have to cancel, receive credit, and re-register. Make sure you and your coach agree you will be ready for the requested tests and review all selections before submitting payment.

Registration is NOT complete until coach(es) approve selected tests using the link in an email from the system. Non-Members and Associate Members must submit a Permission to Test form from their Home Club by uploading form using the link provided in the email from the system.

Reminder: Learn to Skate members are not eligible for testing. They must first upgrade to an Introductory membership type.

To begin, access the SDFSC membership / test system (EntryEeze) via link http://testing.SanDiegoFSC.org/.

Non Members (non SDFSC members) use the top left “Click here”.

SDFSC Existing Members and Associate Members login to their account using the button labeled “Access my account”.

Members and Associate Members must then select the “Test Sessions” button on menu bar and then “Click here to register” for correct test session date and then select a family member who will be testing.

Test Registration – 5 steps to complete submission:

Competition Test Credit – additional step to complete submission:

Registration is NOT complete until:

  • Coach(es) approve selected tests in the email “Test registration approval needed” and uses the link “Click here for approval/feedback page”.
  • Skaters submit permission to test from their home club required if the skater is Non-Member or Associate Member. System email “Please provide your test permission form” and contains a link to upload a file with permission from home club.