Team Manager/Chaperone Code of Conduct

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SDFSC Team Manager/Chaperone Code of Conduct

The San Diego Figure Skating Club is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for members’ physical, emotional and social development and ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct.

As a member of our club, all team managers and chaperones must adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times in addition to the U. S. Figure Skating Rulebook rules GR 1.02 and GR 1.03 and the SafeSport Handbook. Successful completion of standard SafeSport training and a background check is required. These are each good for two years. To be covered under the U.S. Figure Skating general liability insurance, you must be a member. You will need a U.S. Figure Skating membership to complete the SafeSport section of this process, as well.

Team Managers and Chaperones ensure that the athletes, coaches, staff, and volunteers adhere to all policy guidelines. Team managers also act as chaperones within this policy. As chaperones, you have your part to ensure those in your care are well protected. This is a mandate of USFA and SDFSC.

By signing below, I hereby agree that:

  1. I have read all materials related to the Members Code of Conduct in the SafeSport Handbook and the SDFSC SafeSport Policy.
  2. Team managers will provide each chaperone with an itinerary before the trip, and they should familiarize themselves with all travel itineraries and schedules.
  3. Team managers will ensure chaperones are aware of their duties before the trip begins and ensure chaperones are compliant with those duties throughout the trip.
  4. A chaperone will take responsibility and charge of the skaters under their supervision once delivered to them by the parent/guardian at the transportation departure point and monitor for adherence to club policies during team travel.
  5. Skaters will remain with the chaperone at all times except when with a coach for practices or performances. Once complete with the coaches’ requirements the chaperone will assume the responsibility of the skaters in their charge.
  6. When a skater is in the responsibility of a chaperone they may not be away from that chaperone for any reason.
  7. Chaperones will not allow skaters to visit skaters in other rooms without the team managers consent and approval of the other chaperone. Chaperones will personally escort them back and forth from room to room if authorized to visit with other skaters.
  8. A skater cannot have a visit with their parent/guardian unless approved by a team manager. If permitted, a chaperone will escort the skater to and from the parent/guardian. Visitation/communication with their family is encouraged without disruption of the skater’s itinerary.
  9. Chaperones will not leave their group or any one of that group alone with someone else who is not authorized to act as a chaperone.
  10. All meals will be with the chaperone's group together to and from the dining facility. If a chaperone wishes to eat with other chaperones, it will only be allowed if their group is within view at the dining facility.
  11. The chaperone will not leave a skater alone in the room or a public place without a qualified chaperone or team manager present.
  12. Monitor athletes for adherence to curfew restrictions set based on age and competition schedule as listed in travel itinerary.
  13. Ensure athletes comply with hotel room restrictions based on gender or age requirements.
  14. The chaperone may not use drugs or alcohol in the presence of minors or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing duties. No prescription drugs that will make a chaperone less effective may be taken.
  15. The chaperone's responsibility towards each child in that group ends when you arrive back at the place of origin and deliver them over to their parent/guardian.
  16. Any observations of abuses as described in the club's policy or the USFSA handbook will be reported only to the SafeSport Compliance Officer.

Revision: 2018-05-10