SDFSC Code of Conduct

The correct Code of Conduct is required to be read, signed and submitted for your membership to be complete and in good standing.

First, make sure you read and understand:

Then select the appropriate form, read, complete, sign with mouse or touchscreen and hit send. When you submit the form, it will automatically be sent to the SafeSport Compliance Officer, and you will receive a copy.

If you are a Skater, then read, sign, and send the SDFSC Skater Code of Conduct.

If you are a Parent, then read, sign, and send the SDFSC Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct.

Important: Even non-member Parents must complete Code of Conduct form, or their Skater’s membership will not be in good standing.

If you are a Coach, then read, sign, and send the SDFSC Coaches Code of Conduct.

Other club Members not listed above, are required to read, sign, and send the SDFSC Member Code of Conduct.

Please contact the club SafeSport Compliance Officer at if you have questions or issues.


New members of U.S. Figure Skating will need to complete a Code of Conduct as soon as a U.S. Figure Skating member number has been assigned by the Membership Chair and U.S. Figure Skating.

People in certain roles in SDFSC will be contacted to complete additional Code of Conduct form: