San Diego Figure Skating Club (SDFSC) offers several types of memberships for new and returning members, siblings, parents and college students. We also make available Associate (aka non-home club) memberships and half year memberships (available in January) for new members. The membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

SDFSC Home Club memberships include:

  • U.S. Figure Skating Membership with membership card sent from U.S. Figure Skating.
  • U.S. Figure Skating testing and competition privileges.
  • Subscription to SKATING magazine.
  • Coverage under U.S. Figure Skating’s sports accident insurance policy
  • Special offers and discounts from U.S. Figure Skating corporate partners

SafeSport Requirements for Membership

U.S. Figure Skating has mandated all member clubs implement policies which support the SafeSport throughout the U.S. Figure Skating organization. SDFSC is in line with the concepts and policies of SafeSport. Keeping with those mandates handed down by U.S. Figure Skating our club has implemented SDFSC Policies and Codes of Conduct for the club members, skaters, coaches, and parents. You are required to read the SDFSC Club Policy and sign the applicable Code of Conduct. You can find detailed information on our SDFSC website at SafeSport.

Membership Process – How do I signup or renew?

Using the online SDFSC membership system you will need to select “Access my account” for Existing Members’ renewal OR select “Apply for membership” for joining SDFSC for the first time, including transfers from other clubs.

All membership applications (new or renewal) take time to manually process with U.S. Figure Skating.
Sign up well in advance of testing or competitions.

The 2019-20 Membership Season is active July 1, 2019 and late fees apply after June 30th, 2019.  New memberships and late renewals are always available.

Questions?  Send email to

Full Year Memberships

Membership TypeHome Club MembershipAssociate* Club Membership
1st Member$115$60
(only available if NEVER a U.S. Figure Skating member)
Additional Member(s)$45$28
Parent Member(s)$32$27
Collegiate$170 (4-year term)N/A
Learn to Skate Member$29N/A
* Associate Club Members have a Home Club membership at a club other than SDFSC.
Important Notes
  • Introductory Memberships are only available to new members who have never been a member of any U.S. Figure Skating club or Learn to Skate members who are upgrading.
  • Members will be classified as either Junior (under 18) or Senior (18 or over).
  • Additional skater memberships are available for siblings/family living in the same household.
  • Parent memberships are available to parents, grandparents, or legal guardians of a member.
  • Memberships are for one year, starting July 1, 2019, and expiring on June 30, 2020.
  • Late renewals, starting after June 30, 2019, must pay a $25 late fee.
Collegiate Memberships

This is a four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members.  All skating privileges apply for the four-year duration. Each athlete may receive this option only once during their entire skating career. The cost is $170 for a consecutive four-year period – a savings of $290 or 63% over a full membership for the same time frame.

  • Can sign up anytime in college; good for a consecutive four-year period
  • May only use this option once.
  • Carries the same privileges as a full member, including subscription to SKATING magazine, and all testing and competition rights.
Learn to Skate Memberships

This recreational program of U.S. Figure Skating is designed to serve the needs of both the recreational and competitive skaters. All registered Learn to Skate students will receive (directly from U.S. Figure Skating), a membership card, a record book with stickers to keep track of the levels they complete, a Learn to Skate member patch, a year patch, information about skating, the Learn to Skate Edition of SKATING, sports accident insurance coverage and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and Learn to Skate competitions. Both introductory & renewal Learn to Skate memberships are the same price, and cannot have a previous U.S. Figure Skating membership.

Learn to Skate members are NOT eligible for U.S. Figure Skating testing at any level. To be eligible for U.S. Figure Skating testing, please see other membership types.

Learn to Skate was previously known as Basic Skills.

Half Year Memberships

Half Year Memberships are available after January 1, 2020, to anyone who has NEVER been a member of the San Diego Figure Skating Club.  If seeking a Half Year Home Club Membership, you cannot have EVER been a member of U.S. Figure Skating. Persons who have been members in previous years and have let their membership lapse are ineligible for this rate.

Membership TypeHome Club MembershipAssociate* Club Membership
1st MemberN/A - See Introductory$40
(only available if NEVER a U.S. Figure Skating member)
$65N/A - See 1st Member
Additional Member$37$20
Parent Member$32$19
* Associate Club Members have a Home Club membership at a club other than SDFSC.