We have many competitive skaters in our club, who compete in Ladies Singles, Men’s Singles, Pairs, Dance and Synchronized Figure Skating at various levels. We have a very rich mix of skaters and are very proud of their accomplishments. We are very privileged to be home to several Special Olympians over the years.

We are also home to the most successful synchronized team skating program in the Pacific Coast Section. Team del Sol has competed at various levels including: Senior, Novice, Intermediate and Juvenile. Under the direction of Coach Karen Weismeier, these teams consistently rank at the top of their respective divisions at the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships, and have medalled at the National Championships, and have represented the United States at International competitions.  The skaters on these teams begin when younger on the Shining Blades coached by Susan Morrison and Brian Thayer.

2016-2017 SDFSC Competition Team

2016-2017 SDFSC Competition Team

2016-2017 Team del Sol - Senior

2016-2017 Team del Sol – Senior


2016-2017 Team del Sol – Intermediate

Shining Blades 2015-2016 - Open Juvenile

2015-2016 Shining Blades – Open Juvenile

Shining Blades 2015-2016 - Pre-Juvenile

2015-2016 Shining Blades – Pre-Juvenile

Shining Blades 2015-2016 - Preliminary

2015-2016 Shining Blades – Preliminary